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Big News: Sheriff Richard Mack's presentation of The County Sheriff, America's Last Hope is now available on DVD and on-line at:



Sheriff Richard Mack with Freedom Rally Sponsor, Andrea of WWW.ReserveVillage.COM and former owner of









An elite group of Concerned Catron County Citizens gathered to learn from the experiences and victories of Sheriff Richard Mack how to restore Catron County to the thriving homeland that many of the elder members of our community remember. 




Sheriff Mack's honest and well-documented approach to restoring those Freedoms secured from government encroachments by the Constitution was well-received and greatly appreciated by those in attendance.











Local businessmen listened intently to Sheriff Mack's fact-based and constitutionally supported plan for providing a free and supportive environment for local business.


Sheriff Mack clearly articulated and documented every aspect of the simple plan the Constitution has provided as a peaceful method of reconstructing government to more appropriately serve the needs of the Local Community.


Please visit: for more information, books and DVDs about Sheriff Mack's 20 year campaign for American Freedom!


Sheriff Mack's powerful, emotionally moving and inspiring presentation inspired one of the listeners to announce the purchase of the domain, and his intent to run for Catron County Sheriff in the next election.  Clayton Douglas has a long and distinguished list of accomplishments that he believes has suited him to join the People of Catron County in their quest for freedom and prosperity.



DVDs of this inspiring event are now available!






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